We are very focused on creating a cut for your hair that reflects your personality and a style that pairs perfectly with the shape of your face. Our team works the extra time to make sure that your style enhances your beauty and feeling. Whether edgy style or a precision cut, our highly trained stylists will create the look you love.

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Highlighting & Color

Our coloring process begins with J Beverly Hills Luxury Color line to create a professional look for your hair. Hair coloring is the key to a great look! All of our stylists are highly trained in up to date coloring techniques and fashion, having many years of experience with a focus on hair coloring.

BALAYAGE – Popular Style

A technique for highlighting your hair which the color is painted on in such a way to create a gradual, natural color effect. Does it require a lot of maintenance? Very little maintenance is needed. It will grow out naturally and beautifully on its own giving you a little bit more time in between appointments.

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Conditioning Treatments

Jellula Treatment
Using an unusual ingredient, squid ink, we are able to hydrate your hair, increase shine and instantly change the feeling and look of your hair. It is truly amazing!

Kera Therapy (Most Popular)
Kera Therapy is an express keratin treatment that infuses into your hair to remove the ugly frizz and crate shiny, bouncy hair. It also cuts down on the drying time and helps keep your hair under control during humidity.

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We love to celebrate the bride, you, by making that day special and easy. We stay up to date on bridal hair styles and designs. It is also our speciality to work with the bride to create the hair style of her dreams.

Bridal Party
For a bridal party of 5 or more, we provide a complimentary spread of mimosas, bagels and chocolates. Let’s have fun, eat and enjoy the time styling your hair!

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